4 Ways to Better Self Care Through Life Transitions

Change is inevitable, little changes daily or once every few years big transitions. Whether it is changing from dairy to dairy-free or moving across the states, a change is a change no matter how small. During the young and free period of life you may be experiencing getting married, buying a house, having a baby, there are endless life transitions that can take place. Life moves forward no matter what – so it is important to keep our cool and prioritize self-care during these times.

Here are 4 ways to better self-care during changes in your life!

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself

During any kind of change, life can get wacky. It is all about adjustment which does take time, so remember things will work out. It is ok to relinquish your feelings whether it be anxiety, stress, sadness or even happiness let those feelings out.

2. Create a self-care routine

Search for healthy ways to boost your happiness! Change can alter your stress levels so take the time to take care of yourself. Go to the gym, splurge on a workout class, or try a face mask (men too!). Make new and healthy habits to help adapt to your new transition.

3. Accept what you can’t control

The harsh reality is we as humans can’t control everything in our lives. It is up to the greater good to decide our paths. For the things you can control in life such as a job or relationship, take a breather and know you are strong enough to overcome it and that when one door closes another two open. Be optimistic about what other opportunities can arise from this change.  

4. Change is your new friend

I am not saying change must be your new best friend but be cool when change is around. Practice change whether it be small or big and learn the beauty in switching things up. If you’re like me and hate change lets jump on the wagon together and try to mix things up. Order something out of your comfort zone the next time you go out. The more frequent you add change in your life the easier it will become.  

Live Well. Age Well.

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