4 Ways to Make the Most of your Doctors Visit

Having open communication with your doctor about health concerns is vitally important to your body as you age.

male doctor talking to a female patient

Here are some ways to make the most of your visit with your doctor:

1. Prepare for your visit – the best thing to do is come prepared to talk to your doctor. take a look at your prescriptions see if your low on medication, write down any problems or concerns you may have. Share your symptoms, medicines, vitamins and any major life changes with your doctor.

2. Take notes or ask for written materials – Don’t be nervous to ask your doctor questions and write down their feedback. Most doctors’ offices can even print out notes on what was discussed at the appointment as well. Trust me it is better to ask for clarification on things in the moment when discussing.

3. Be sure your getting the message – understanding doctors recommendations is very important. You wouldn’t want to forget or misunderstand a recommendation versus a mandatory thing for your health.

4. Make health decisions with your doctor – whether it be risks to a medication or generic versus name brand, talk to your doctor about the options on the table. Ask about what other preventative things you can do to manage your current state of health.

Trust me having a good doctor-patient relationship is very beneficial to keeping your health goals in place.

Live Well. Age Well.

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