8 Ways to Boost Your Mood

We’ve all been there when we just know we aren’t in a great mood and just can’t shake it. Sometimes you can get away with being miserable or in a funky mood but other times it can start to effect the people around us and that is where I draw the line! Here are 8 ways to boost your mood when you are feeling low.

Mood Boosting Ideas:

1) Put some pep in your step – studies have shown that walking tall and with purpose can actually help improve your mood.

2) Smile – “smiling is my favorite” buddy the elf loves to smile so join in on the fun and smile. When you smile or laugh you alter your brains chemistry and you end up feeling happier.

3) Count your blessings – when feeling down remember all the positive things in your life no matter how big or small a blessing is a blessing!

4) Work out – breaking a sweat can take as little as 5 minutes and those 5 minutes can boost your mood entirely. Regular exercise can keep your mood consistent and keep depressing thoughts at bay.

5) Forgive and forget – learning to forgive others or situations and forget can be very beneficial to your mood. Relief can alter your thoughts and feelings and provide you with a better outlook on the day.

6) Put some music on – music can have very positive effects on your mood, take a ride in your car and blast the tunes or plug in your headphones and kick back.

7) Sleep – getting the proper amount of sleep is important and maintaining a good mind space and mood. Sleep deprivation can cause us to have a fogy mind and effect our ability to make the right decisions which can further decimate our mood.

8) Surround yourself with happy/positive people – you are who you surround yourself with! So when feeling that you need a mood booster call up your friends who are positive people and hang with them. Their positive energy will rub off on you!

Sometimes you must fake it till you make it, putting a fake smile on your face can change into a real smile. Watching a comedy can make us laugh and alter our mood. It’s the little things!

Live Well. Age Well.

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