Add Some Spice to Your Sex Life

This year let kick up your sex life a notch, make foreplay a must for sexy time with you and your partner. “Quickies” are fun and easy but couples who don’t engage in foreplay are missing out. Studies have shown that foreplay is crucial for good sex, and it promotes stronger emotional and physical bonds.

Doing anything that sexually arouses a woman can help lubricate her naturally, which often helps get and maintain a man’s erection. When a women’s body becomes aroused, the muscles within her vagina relax and create more space which ultimately makes sex more pleasurable.

Man and women holding hands intensely in bed

Here are few ways to include foreplay in your sex life

There is no right or wrong way to participate in foreplay whatever turns you and your partner on is right! You don’t need to spend hours working up to sex just a few added elements can make a difference. Studies show that adding 10 minutes of foreplay will keep plenty of time for each person’s body to be warmed up and ready for great sex.

1) Play a game

There are plenty of sex games and toys out on the market to get you feeling in the mood.

2) Talk dirty

Say exactly what you’re thinking, what you want, and how you want it. Express yourself in the bedroom will surely help to a better orgasm.  

3) Get close

Hold each other, run your fingers through the hair, rub gently over each other’s bodies.

Ring in the new year with some new moves in your sex life!

Live Well. Age Well.

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