Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea

After water, coffee and tea are the two most commonly enjoyed drinks. From your morning wake up call, to your cozy nighttime ritual these beverages are yummy and helpful – they are full of beneficial properties too! Many people cannot function without their morning cup of coffee or tea, and that may because of the … Read more Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea

Boost your Libido with these Foods

Libido or sex drive naturally varies between individuals. But, having a low sex drive doesn’t have to be a problem – there are many ways to boost your libido. In this article we look at some of the best foods to increase your libido. Oysters Oysters are rich in zinc which is vital for testosterone … Read more Boost your Libido with these Foods

Rest Better with a Cold

Suffering from a cold can be annoying, with sniffles, cough, and headache you are not feeling your best. The average cold can last from 7 – 10 days, but with the right nutrients and rest you can shorten your cold and help prevent a cold with these simple tips. Rest. Don’t let this slide by, … Read more Rest Better with a Cold

8 Ways to Boost Your Mood

We’ve all been there when we just know we aren’t in a great mood and just can’t shake it. Sometimes you can get away with being miserable or in a funky mood but other times it can start to effect the people around us and that is where I draw the line! Here are 8 … Read more 8 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Protect Your Liver

Your liver is one of the biggest organs in the body, performing over 500 functions for the body such as, digesting proteins, storing minerals, bile production, and blood infiltration. The body also plays a role in the metabolic process in our body – breaking down fats to produce energy. The liver has jobs that are … Read more Protect Your Liver

Changing the Way you Eat

Anyone else been waking up feeling heavier than usual? With all these parties the past month –  full of drinks, savory foods and sweet desserts I’m sure to have put on the pounds, and no I do not regret one bite. With today being New Years Eve and making resolutions for the new year I … Read more Changing the Way you Eat

Take Time for You

Between work life, home life, and social life sometimes it feels like there is no time to breath or take a second for yourself – this can catch up to you. Not prioritizing your well being can lead to negative impacts such as physical sickness, and mental distractions. Here are a few ways that can … Read more Take Time for You

Add Some Spice to Your Sex Life

This year let kick up your sex life a notch, make foreplay a must for sexy time with you and your partner. “Quickies” are fun and easy but couples who don’t engage in foreplay are missing out. Studies have shown that foreplay is crucial for good sex, and it promotes stronger emotional and physical bonds. … Read more Add Some Spice to Your Sex Life