Changing the Way you Eat

Anyone else been waking up feeling heavier than usual? With all these parties the past month –  full of drinks, savory foods and sweet desserts I’m sure to have put on the pounds, and no I do not regret one bite. With today being New Years Eve and making resolutions for the new year I want to see this one through. That is why I am trying something new … changing the way I eat, not what I eat.

I am a firm believer that you should be able to eat anything you want – YOLO right! That is why I was on a hunt to find some simple ways to shape a healthy diet without having to give up on anything.

somebody eating a salad

Here are 5 tips to change the way you eat:

1) Chew Slower

Most people don’t even realize how fast they eat – maybe we are shoveling food in while driving, or during a break at work. It becomes such a habit to eat fast that we don’t slow down and enjoy the flavors and let our bodies process it. When you have the time to eat a nice meal take your time, leisurely take a bite and enjoy – our digestive system will get a chance to process the foods properly and you’ll be more likely to stop eating when you feel satisfied.

2) De-Stress Before a Meal

Before sitting down for any meal, take a moment and relax, this will do wonders for your digestive system. A tense or stressed state of mind can lead to over eating or “bored” eating – unnecessary calories.

3) Don’t Multi-task

We have all been there when we have to multitask during a meal but it isn’t beneficial for our bodies – so don’t make it the norm. When we watch TV and eat or do homework while eating we are preoccupied and don’t pay attention to portion control and will most likely not even notice when our bodies are full.

4) Keep Food in its Place

Try to keep eating food in the kitchen or dining room. You will make this you’re eating space and won’t have the desire to eat and even eat less when you limit the spaces of your household to certain areas. When you’re in your bedroom or family room you won’t have the urge to snack.  

5) Downsize Your Dishes

Using a smaller plate can help you eat less because the ratio of your plate size to a full plate will satisfy your mind thinking it’s a “full” plate. Many people eat until they feel satisfied but most of us stop eating their meal when their plate is clean. Trying a smaller plate can help you consume less and pay attention to portions.

Try these simple tips and change the way you eat!

Live Well. Age Well.

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