Exercise and Its Importance While Aging Healthy

Older woman stretching her legs

Can you believe that exercise can help make you stronger, improve balance and coordination, enhance your mood, and even boost your memory recall? Well believe it! Physical activity is important at every age, that is why I have wrote a whole post about its crucial involvement to your body as you age.

Exercise is important to our bodies to help us maintain motion and mobility.

Exercising helps the movement and mobility of your joints, so if you like many others suffer from stiff joints it may be best to move around. Start slow and I guarantee the more you practice the more mobility you will achieve. Keeping your body healthy and maintaining an overall good health includes participating in physically activity.

If the word “exercise” makes you cringe, then let me help break it down to something less scary. Start with little goals; move around more, take breaks from sitting for too long to get the blood flowing from head to toe, do something with a family member or friend. I promise your body will thank you.

Make exercise part of your routine

Try and find time for 30 minutes a day worth of physical activity, such as brisk walks or taking the stairs.If you feel like you can push yourself even more try strength training with light weights; this helps to build and tone your muscles.

Man lifting exercise bar

Don’t let the fear of a gym membership stop you

If you feel that the crowd at the gym isn’t for you there try going on the off hours such as 11am – 1pm. If you aren’t sure how to use equipment see what kind of specials your nearby gym has to offer such as private training. There are plenty of ways to have a more active lifestyle.

Worried your body is too weak?

If you are worried about falling and that your body is too weak to exercise, you have to remember that exercise builds and tones your muscles, so you will become stronger the more you engage it. Exercise is vital to your health, so even though you mind find it harder to stay active as you age it will benefit your body and overall health.

Don’t know where to start?

Do what is fun! Pick up a dance class at or join a Yoga studio or even walk around the mall. Exercise doesn’t need to mean elliptical and rowing machines. It is simply anything that will get your body moving and your muscles engaged.

What experts say:

Experts say that strength training, cardiovascular training and balancing training will help create a strong and stable foundation for your body.  Give it a shot! Try lifting 10 pound weights, riding a bike and engaging your muscles in a strategic balancing manner.

Just remember with all physical activity, make sure you have the flexibility and range of motion to be able to perform the desired exercise before you add more reps or weight. Form is most important when working out safely, you can add additional weight as your body becomes stronger and is capable of handling it.

Live Well. Age Well

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