Tips to Better Sex As You Age

As we know, as we age things don’t seem to look or feel the same down there… but that shouldn’t stop you from having sex with your partner. Here are some ways that can help maintain good sexual health.

older couple kissing

1.Regular Exercise: If you engage in regular physical activity you are strengthening your muscles and expanding your body’s flexibility… which both are needed during sex. When you workout on a regular basis you end up looking and feeling better which ultimately makes you more confident when you are planning to be intimate.

2. Keep Things Fun: Remember when you were first dating and you kept thinking of the fun and flirtatious ways to spice up your relationship? Go back to that train of thought, think of ways to make it fun in the bedroom. Try out different positions or different times of the day or even location (nobody said this had to stay all in the bedroom)

3. Think Beyond Sex: Sex is great in all, but sometimes you need more then physical attention to make it sexy. Try being intimate and romantic by touching and holding each other. Use your words, build up sexual chemistry by using just words and let the attraction brew between you and your partner.

4. Comfort: Like I said before things don’t look or feel the same down there, or maybe anywhere on your body… that being said make sure you are comfortable while having sex. If you have lower back pain try using a pillow underneath your back, if your knees bother you add another cushion under your legs. Work on comfort first and the sex will be that much more pleasurable.

5. Talk Things Out: If you have been with your partner for a while you may assume they like certain things or are against trying new moves, but not necessarily. Talk things out with your partner, see what is making them feel the excitement rush through their body. The more communication the more you’ll understand each other’s bodies and how to please you and your partner. Keep things open and light between you two!

6. Recognize Things Are Different: My ladies out there may be noticing that as they get older they are experiencing some vaginal dryness, no need to freak out as this is completely normal. Just opt in to buying some lubricant and continue to enjoy yourself!

For our gentlemen you may find it harder to get stimulated and stay erected, this change is normal and has an easy fix! Try more foreplay to engage in sexy time and get your mind and body ready. If you find this quick fix isn’t helping you can also talk to your doctor about medications that will help you get started and keep going

Live Well. Age Well

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