How to stay Young, Free and Motivated This Winter

The first snow fall is beautiful. The second is still pretty and by the third we are over shoveling and clearing off our cars am I right? The cold temperatures and dark sky at 4pm really gets us into the winter slump, and unfortunately most of us are guilty in participating. Some way to beat the slump and stay motivated this time of year really comes from willpower, and inner strength.

Wintertime shouldn’t just be known for being slow, cold and lazy it can mean preparation, reflection and fun! Think about it this way, you want that fit and toned body at your big 4th of July bash, right? Well this is the time of year to put in the work and see the results for summer.

Here are a few tips to stay motivated in the winter season!

1. Make plans – setting plans and not playing things by ear force you to commit to dates and times. It may be easier to say to your friends “we’ll see how I feel on Friday” but you will make memories and have a good time if you say “lets meet at 7 at the bar in town”. Make plans and stick to them.

2. Find activities indoors – I get it winter is cool, but it can be too cool to be outdoors. For those of you who like winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding being outdoors is a joyous thing. While for others, just thinking about having to walk 20 feet from the front door to the car is miserable. This is time to find fun and productive things to do inside. Try joining a cycle studio for high energy exercise or see what kind of DIY crafts you can do for decorations in your home, even taking up cooking or baking is something that is fun and productive!

3. Set goals – within a few weeks we will popping champagne and celebrating the new year, what better way to embrace the new year then to set some personal goals! Whether it be financial goals, or fitness they’re all connected to a better version of you.

4. Wake up early – yep you heard me correctly! Starting your day earlier has proven effects to make your day more productive, give you more energy, and enjoy more daylight hours.

Live Well. Age Well

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