How to Successfully Manage a Conflict at Work

It is very likely that at one point or another you’ve run into an altercation at work, whether it be small or big. Maybe you’re in the middle of a situation right now and don’t know how to ease the problem. Feeling unprepared for situation can be very unsettling, don’t worry here are some steps to manage conflict at work!

First way to manage conflict at work:

When finding yourself in a conflict at work can be stressful so the first step you can you take for yourself is walk away. Get up and get some air, go for a walk and try to take deep breaths. Most actions that happen within the first few minutes of a problem are branched from the “heat of the moment”, so take a moment and evaluate the situation.

Another way to achieve harmony within a conflict:

If you find that there is a problem with you a direct co – worker speak to management and look at your options to alleviate the tension. Maybe move seats or switch hours so you don’t have to be directly with that person.

Last way to ease tension of conflict:

Another way to manage conflict at work is to speak to trusted people around you to get out your emotions. Leaving your emotions bottled up doesn’t do anybody any good. Talk to a friend or parent and release your feelings so they don’t build up. 

The best ways to cope with workplace conflict as a management leader:

1. Model the behavior that is appropriate for the office

If there is an altercation within a specific branch or team in the company hold a team meeting and discuss what the guidelines are to resolve the issue. Make the other members aware of what is tolerated.

2. Praise the correct behavior publicly

If you see an employee handling a conflict the appropriate way, praise them publicly so others know what the correct way is to handle these types of situations.

3. Coach the opposite behavior

When a situation is not handled correctly, or a situation is getting messy be sure to handle in private. You don’t want to embarrass or make your employees upset so by addressing certain situations in private is best.

Live Well. Age Well.

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