Take Time for You

Between work life, home life, and social life sometimes it feels like there is no time to breath or take a second for yourself – this can catch up to you. Not prioritizing your well being can lead to negative impacts such as physical sickness, and mental distractions.

Here are a few ways that can make you feel better in 10 minutes:

Clear your mind

Taking a few moments a day to clear your mind and mediate can boost both your mood and productivity. Sit quietly, close your eyes and take deep breathes, block out any and all distractions around you and focus on your breathing.

Get outside

Studies have shown a positive correlation between being outside and more energy. Even if it is just walking around your office building or sitting on a park bench breathing in the fresh air the outdoors can bring happiness, lessen anxiety and boost mood.


Sometimes we are just in need of a good laugh. Call your best friend and get talking about something funny, look up corny jokes online or watch a classic comedy. They say laughter is the best medicine.

Count your blessings

Taking a step back is helpful when trying to unwind. Think about all the gifts and blessings you have in your life and be grateful for them all. Take time to congratulate yourself for all the hard work you do and notice the big picture.

Turn up the music

Play some of your favorite throwbacks, or jam out to what is on “today’s hit list” let the beat feed your soul. Music has a funny way of connecting to our emotions whether that may be solemn, happy or dancing it out.

Cross off your to do list

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is when you feel accomplished. So take your to do list and act on fixing the light bulb in the bathroom or buying aunt Mary a candle for her birthday. Completing tasks bring us so much satisfaction no matter how big or small the job is.

Taking care of yourself is very important in maintaining good health for your mind, body and soul. Feel better from the inside out with these easy steps to let your light shine.

Live Well. Age Well.

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