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The Power of Pets

Pets can be cute and playful, but did you know there are studies that show that pets can actually help your health? Pet therapy has shown to lower stress, increase fitness and bring you happiness! An animal embodies the sense of “here and now” which can be helpful in our busy lives, to show us to slow down and enjoy life’s little moments. Spending quality time with a pet, can encourage this same mentality for us, that may lesson or eliminate stress and increases joyous emotions.

happy dog

Pets need love, attention and exercise which as humans we need too! We can make excuses every day for why we don’t exercise but we can’t do that for our furry friends. Having a pet motivates and forces us to get off the couch and move around for walks and play with our playful pals. This ultimately benefits them and us in keeping our bodies healthy.

For some of us life gets busy, for others time feels like it is moving at a glacial pace. Our pets are beautiful creatures who are there for us through all our feelings an emotions day in and day out. Pets are good at reading human emotions, they know when we may need to cuddle or play around. Having a pet furthers a companionship that may be more important than we realize at any age.

Pets also keep you in a routine, as well as keeping us accountable. You can buy all the newest litter boxes that empty themselves or dog bowls that refill when empty but you do have to continuously keep an eye on their wellbeing. Such as keeping up with vet visits, providing clean water and food, taking them out for walks serves us a purpose to nurture our 4 legged friend. It is satisfying to our human nature to take care of another living thing, especially on a routine basis.            

If getting a pet is something that is unattainable for you right now, look into other options to surround yourself with animals. Maybe your family member or neighbor has a pet that they can bring over to you, so you can engage in some personal pet therapy, or even visit an animal shelter. Humans and pets both need love and attention, use the power of a pet to maintain a healthy

Live Well. Age Well.

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