Why You Need More Protein to Age Healthy

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As adults near or over 50 years old, you realize your senses may have changed quite a bit. Your eyes might not see the same, your clothing doesn’t fit the same and your eating habits may have altered as well. It is important more than ever to make sure you are getting enough protein to nourish your body to stay healthy and strong.

Our bodies become more fragile as we age, and the best way to keep our bodies strong is to add protein to our diet. Eating more protein-rich foods when our bodies are losing weight, dealing with illness or just on a normal day to day basis can have great effects to our health.

It is said that healthy adults actually need more protein than when they were younger to help preserve muscle mass. Studies have shown that adults don’t eat enough due to reduced appetite or other age-related issues. Our bones and muscles are put at risk for deterioration if we don’t have enough protein in our bodies.

Protein in all forms is fine, just making sure you get the nutrients is the important part. The best option of course is in real food but using supplements or shakes to maintain your health is doable as well. Consult with your doctor to discover the best options for your body and lifestyle.

Live Well. Age Well.

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